Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with BodyRock Sport owner Kelly Dooley

Kelly  Dooley is the owner and creator of BodyRock Sport.  After meeting her and viewing her collection I had sit down with her and get the scoop about her company and what goes into making the ideal sports bra. 

How has the public responded to BodyRock Sport?
Overall, the public has responded to BodyRock Sport very positively, especially women who (A) prioritize fitness and (B) are looking for something different. The most avid consumers are serious athletes--anyone from triathletes and marathoners to cheerleaders and dancers. BodyRock represents a new niche in the fitness industry, so some women absolutely love the product while others don't quite understand the purpose of BodyRock. But the objective is very simple: to encourage women to look and feel good while they're working out and while they're out and about all day. For women whose lives revolve around fitness, BodyRock not only makes sense but also enables them to spice up their workout wardrobes. I can spot my customers from a mile away--they're polished, savvy, bold, fit and confident, and they have that swagger that so many other women lack.
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